Digital Tally Counter Black


Add or subtract.

On/Off/Reset Buttons.

Small cord for grip.

Small in size, light in weight.

LCD screen, easy to read.

Easy to use.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Durable in use.

Operating Instruction:

To switch on-press on/off/reset button, the unit will display “0”.

To add counts-press the green button ( ), it will beep on each count.

To subtract counts-press the red button (-), it will beep on each count.

To switch beep off or on at any time-hold the green or red button down for 3 seconds.

To reset tally-press on/off/reset button for 3 seconds.

To switch the tally off-press the on/off/reset button for 3 seconds when the counter display is at “0”.

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