Make training your dog easier and more enjoyable with the help of this Dog Training Whistle. This easy-to-use training whistle produces a sound that will get your dog's attention and facilitate the training process in a positive way.

Silent Dog Training Whistle High Pitch Adjustable Ultrasonic Frequency Recall

Whether you’re looking to take your dog’s training to the next level, or if you just want a way to end all the barking in the middle of the night, you’re going to need a dog whistle that works. Our handy pet training accessory features an adjustable pitch that you can use to train your dog to obey different commands depending on the frequency. Teach your pets to return, stay down, sit or to stop barking in just a simple whistle!

ADJUSTABLE PITCH FOR EASIER DOG TRAINING: Training your dog shouldn’t be too complicated. Our high pitch dog whistle is fully adjustable so you can set different frequencies for every command. Tell your pup to return, halt, sit and more in just a twist of a dial!

WILL NOT BOTHER NEARBY PEOPLE: These wonderful training tools are called silent dog whistles for a reason! While not completely inaudible to the human ears, it’s still more favourable than the sound of a tinny whistle. What you’ll mostly hear is air passing through the metal body so you can call on your dog without waking up the whole neighbourhood.

IMPRESSIVE RANGE: Get your dog’s attention, no matter how far away they are from you. This high pitch dog whistle emits ultrasonic frequencies that travel an amazing range that could reach up to 365 metres, depending on wind intensity and direction. Especially great for when you lose sight of your overly excited pup in the middle of the park!

DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Enjoy your pet recall whistle for a long time! Our ultrasonic dog whistle is made from a tough steel body that can easily handle accidental knocks and bumps.

LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT: Take your training whistle with you on outdoor trips or just the usual walk in the park! It’s only about 5 centimetres long and comes equipped with a keyring loop so you won’t forget to bring your dog recall whistle wherever you go.

Features: Perfect for training; Attachable, Adjustable Sound frequency

Includes: 1 Training Whistle

Intended Pet(s): Dogs

Material(s): Steel

Color: Silver

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