Ultraviolet UV Flashlight Torch Zoom able

This pocket size durable Q5 LED UV Flashlight Torch is small and light weight and compact in design. The design enables this product to be used in various applications. With its powerful Q5 LED UV emitter this torch is perfect for use outdoors, in and around the home or for sports and other outdoors activities and applications such as:

  • Night fishing
  • Hunting
  • Airsoft and paintball such as tracer BB illumination trajectory
  • DIY and maintenance
  • Safety and security for around the home
  • Site security and personal security equipment
  • UV fraud detection applications such as cash and ID checks



Uv flashlight torch dog urine

This High output Q5 LED UV Flashlight Torch can be used and applied to various scenarios making this powerful compact Q5 LED UV torch an essential item to any use

  • Compact and lightweight, portable and easy to store.
  • The clip is made of stainless steel material, not easy to deform or break.
  • Ideal for checking banknotes, credit cards, fluorescent inks (invisible inks), glass fragments, etc.
  • Aviation aluminium shell has a strong heat dissipation effect.
  • Telescopic guide zoom, free astigmatism.

NOTE: Batteries not included 



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